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Hemp Supply Chain Directory

Browse the Processors, Manufacturers and Testing Labs for Industrial Hemp in Pennsylvania. 

In Pennsylvania, there are a variety of individuals and businesses that support the industrial hemp industry. The Committee presents the following directory to help connect interested parties in the hemp space. Together, we can build a strong local network of Hemp professionals.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture provides a comprehensive list of permitted hemp growers here.

This data is based on identified “suppliers” that confirmed they provide these services or received these accreditations.


Processors (PA Based)

Testing Labs (National)

Testing Labs
Lab accreditation.png
The International Accreditation Service accredits testing laboratories based on ISO/IEC Standard 17025 and industry specific standards. Through periodic monitoring, they ensure a standard of quality to customers and regulators.

Manufacturers (National)

manufacturer accreditation.png
Certification and accreditation of manufacturing facilities is dependent on the types of commodities produced. Several national and state governing bodies certify manufacturers of hemp products.

Our mission to create a comprehensive database is ongoing. Efforts to add legal and banking resources, and updates to the current categories continue. Accreditation data based on information provided by suppliers. Please contact us here to note an error or omission. 

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