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DIY Hemp Eco-Cabin Released by Pennsylvania Designers

By Jean Lotus

Pennsylvania-based hemp building pioneers CoExist Build have released a build-it-yourself 140 sq. foot hemp cabin that can be used as a home office.

The DIY Traveler kit is part of a movement to create “shelter with a purpose,” designers say and comes with a 12-foot sliding glass door and a second-floor sleeping loft, or net, accessed by ladder.

Architect Ana Konopitskaya and co-founder and husband Drew Oberholtzer say their inspiration came from interest in the “hemp house on wheels” they built for a trip in 2019 to the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo in New York City.

“Our Hemp House on Wheels was an early prototype, and seeing how much excitement it generated, we decided to go for it,” Oberholtzer said in an email to Let’s Talk Hemp.

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