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The Tesla Carbon Bank Program: What A Carbon Credit Market Means for Hemp

Tuesday, November 15th from 11:15 - 12:15 pm

PA Hemp Summit Session A panel presentation featuring Justin DeAngelis of Rhino BioTech, Inc.; Bob Mordini of Nectar Wellness Company; and Steve Scholl of Vivaris Capital


Participating in the voluntary carbon market would allow landowners to create revenue from their land holdings and corporations can purchase these “real" carbon credits. Tesla Carbon Credits and Tesla Carbon Bank provides the ability to trade both carbon credits and carbon offsets simultaneously, in order to lessen negative environmental impacts, while also creating new market opportunities and revenue for farmers and ranchers. Attend the summit for this panel discussion on the Tesla Carbon Bank program. Through this program, TESLA Climate Capital, LLC is using Advanced Satellite IP - and proprietary aerospace mapping technology - to survey land and identify carbon credits for landowners. These credits can then be sold on the Tesla Carbon Bank platform or stored for future appreciated sales. The presentation will share more about the platform and discuss how hemp farmers, investors, and businesses could benefit from such a system.

Don’t miss this session - register here today!

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