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More Grant Opportunities thru AMSSCP

Rolls Out Specialty Crops Integrated Operating Network (SCION) Sonia Jimenez, Deputy Administrator, Specialty Crops Program

I am thrilled to support the release of new major grant initiatives through the USDA Transportation & Marketing (T&M) Program announced September 9, 2021. The Pandemic Response and Safety (PRS) Grant program creates a real opportunity with positive impacts to many in the specialty crops industry, so I wanted to make sure you receive the most current information available. Please review the Pandemic Assistance Grant Program Opportunity below and click on the image at the top of the article to see if you are eligible and start taking steps to apply right away.

During September, the SCP Specialty Crops Inspection (SCI) Division launches phase 1 of the Specialty Crops Integrated Operating Network (SCION), the state-of-the-art information platform replacing outdated legacy systems. This first release covers processed products and the remaining commodities in early 2022. The mobile inspection system works on common devices and functions even without internet connectivity.

SCP also releases the Hemp eManagement Platform (HeMP), enabling hemp producers, states and tribes to submit information for license applications, production information and more. A centralized online hub to allow law enforcement to have data available for enforcement purposes, HeMP makes recordkeeping for you and your business easier, allowing your staff members to apply for licensing, update contact information and track supporting documents on demand.

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