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Specialty Crops Integrated Operating Network (SCION) and Hemp eManagement Platform (HeMP) Going Live

Ken Petersen, Associate Deputy Administrator, Specialty Crops Program

The Specialty Crops Program is excited to announce that two new applications, the Hemp eManagement Platform (HeMP) and the Specialty Crops Integrated Operating Network (SCION) will go live soon. HeMP and SCION will provide a more modern, customer-centric service.
The HeMP application enables hemp producers, states and tribes to submit information regarding license applications and other production information. HeMP connects with the Farm Service Agency data and provides data to law enforcement to conduct compliance activities. Our Domestic Hemp Production Program (DHPP) staff will use HeMP to manage this important work.
SCION modernizes how Specialty Crops Inspection (SCI) Division customers receive inspection and audit services. Applicants will use the applicant portal to set up accounts, submit service requests, obtain inspection and audit results, and billing statements. The SCION September release focuses on processed commodities; future SCION releases (in early 2022) will further add to processed commodity features and serve fresh commodities. SCION will enable applicants to see and use their data in new ways.
The release of both applications is the culmination of years of work by USDA staff and we are excited to have these systems in use! The Specialty Crops Program is excited and proud to be able to provide these valuable tools and services to the agricultural community!

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